Hologram Arcade Machines

These are like normal arcade machines except the characters are holograms projected on a table, each game is two players and the winner always gets a prize.

Games include: racing cars, flying aeroplanes, crocodiles, cave explorers, catapults, Unicorns vs Narwhales and many more. With new games every school holidays.

Each game goes for around 5 minutes.

Aerial Assault

Players compete over 4 rounds controlling the gun turret of self-flying
planes and trying to blow their opposition out of the sky. Hot-air balloons
containing extra points and power ups can also be blown up to receive their
benefits such as rapid fire shots and bonus points.

Blue: Rotate turret counter-clockwise
Green: Rotate turret clockwise
Red: Activate a limited use heart power up to restore health to your plane

Catapults and Castles

Players each control a catapult and destroys buildings with them to collect the hidden treasures.
The location of the treasures are shown to the players before the game begins and players must remember which structures contain the treasures worth the most. The first player to completely destroy each structure earns the points for the treasure underneath.


Hold Blue: Rotate catapult counter-clockwise
Hold Green: Rotate catapult clockwise
Hold Red: Wind up catapult, the longer it is held the further it will throw the boulder
Release Red: Throw boulder

Cave Explorers: Race Edition

Players must race their characters along a game board collecting treasures. To move their character further along the board the player must quickly spot the difference between 2 sets of stone tablets. Spotting the difference quicker than your opponent will get you to the treasures quicker, earning you more points.


Blue Button: Guess that the difference is in the blue section of tablet
Green Button: Guess that the difference is in the green section of tablet
Red Button: Guess that the difference is in the red section of tablet

Hungry Crocs

Players control 6 crocodiles (2 red, 2 green, 2 blue) on their side of the table. Fish swim through the center of the table and players must eat as many as possible with their crocodiles. Different coloured fish are worth different amounts, eating a bomb will deduct points and breaking a boat and eating the explorers is worth a large amount of points.


Blue Button: Send out your blue crocodiles
Green Button: Send out your green crocodiles
Red Button: Send out your red crocodiles

Narwhals vs Unicorns

Players need to feed their pet unicorn or narwhal by collecting floating fruit from a well. When a player spots a fruit that their pet wants they press the corresponding button to send out their pet to collect them. Collecting more fruit in a single trip rewards more points, but don’t wait too long or your opponent may collect them before you. Once your pet has collected enough fruit you can blast the opponent with a POW to reduce their health. Knocking out all of the opponents hearts wins you the game


Blue Button: Send out your pet to collect Fruit X
Green Button: Send out your pet to collect Fruit Y

Red Button: Blast your opponent with POW once you’ve collected enough fruit

Rally Racer

Players race their car around a variety of different tracks. The players don’t steer the car but instead control the speed of the car. If the players go too fast they may crash into the barricades and their car will be disabled for a short duration. The players have a limited number of boosts they can use each track, using a boost will give the car and instant boost of speed, useful for catching up or staying ahead of your opponent.


Blue Button: Brake to slow down car
Green Button: Accelerate to speed up car
Red Button: Boost your car to maximum speed