What Do You Do:

You and your family go into a 5-metre hologram room, lasers come down from the roof and make hologram animals and objects that float in the air. Many different environments appear around you, each with their own characters (e.g., underwater, flying through the sky, hiding in long grass etc.)  The animals are lifelike and interactive (you can pick hologram grass and feed it to a giant brontosaurus)
It is the entertainment centre of the future.

How Much Does It Cost?
It costs $29 per person however after you pay for three people in your group the rest get in for FREE. (up to 3 additional people). For a single session for your family you will not pay more than $87.

$48 per person for a double session (which is a group saving of $30).
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How long does it take?

Each session is approximately 40minutes. 
Approximately 40% of people book a double session.

Is it Good?
You will find the quality of the place to be very high in all regards:
Over 200,000 people have done this attraction. It has a 4.7-star rating on Facebook with around 200 reviews. Last year it was the highest rated attraction in Australia for 6 months.
Reviews say that people think this is the best and most interesting attraction available at the moment, largely because it’s very new and no one has seen technology like this before.
An 8-year-old boy exclaimed: “Daddy, this is the happiest day of my life”.
New content is regularly released so a large percentage of families come back here every school holiday.

What Are The Different Things We Can Do Here?
Dinosaurs, hologram, aquariums, monster escape rooms, holosports, or hologram arcade games.

Where Is It?
Cavil Avenue on the Gold Coast. In the Paradise Centre Mall, on the ground floor underneath Time Zone. This is what the store looks like:

What ages is it for?

As Holoverse is something very new and high-tech, all ages have been visiting. It is suitable for all ages and is also enjoyed by teenagers and young adults, it is even visited by the elderly.

Is this Virtual Reality?

No, virtual reality is where you have screens over your eyes and wear a big VR helmet. This is a new technology that projects objects in the room.