Holographic Monster Escape Rooms

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They are like normal escape rooms except the objects and equipment are holograms made out of laser light.

They are rated “M” for young adults, as they are a bit scary, but there is a “kids friendly” version that is less scary.

Like normal escape rooms where there are lots logic and number puzzles, in our Monster Escape Room you will have to solve physical puzzles and look around and underneath things. This is a great challenge for adult escape room fans but the puzzles are not too difficult for kids that love escape rooms too!

You do two adventures:

Escape from frankenstein's Laboratory

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Use various holographic equipment to solve puzzles and bring Frankenstein’s monster to life.

In this part you will take turns with your friends in figuring out the solution to a bunch of puzzles to find all of the body parts!

Escape from dracula's castle

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Congratulations, you have been invited to The Castle of Count Vlad Dracula!

Unfortunately, the dinner guests keep going missing.

This is more of a story with puzzles to solve along the way.

How long does it go for?

It goes for around 30-40 minutes. plus, you have around 30 minutes more on other activities and prize-winning machines. This takes around 1 hour, or you can combine it with the Holographic Aquarium or Dinosaur adventure to fill in 2 hours or more.

how many people can do it at once?

We recommend a maximum of 5 people, though more can be squeezed in if you want to.

What do you do?

You and your friends go into a Hologram Room where objects made of laser light are projected all around you. It feels like you are in a castle but because all the furniture is holographic you can walk right through it.  The Holograms are interactive so you can smash things or open things or having living characters interact with you.

is it suitable for children?

There are two versions, the first is rated “M” and is for young adults. It is a bit gory as in one section you must assemble Frankenstein from his body parts, and they have bones sticking out.

There are also other scary scenes, but there is also a kid’s friendly version where the children build a robot Frankenstein. Also, In the kid’s friendly version you do not stab Dracula yourself. 

Let us know when you arrive in store which version you’d like to try. The staff will also ask you.

What else can we do Here?

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