What is it?

What is a Hologram Entertainment Centre?

This is a new hi-tech Entertainment Centre that uses Holograms in many different forms of entertainment.

Perhaps you’ve seen holograms on movies like Star Wars or Star Trek? Well Holograms look real and solid but they are made of laser light. They float in the air and you can put your hand straight through them!

Click Here to learn more about our Hologram Dinosaurs Adventure where you will see real-life size Dinosaurs

The attractions at Holoverse are great kid’s activities but adults will have an awesome time too!

You and your family or friends go into your own personal Hologram Theatre where you will be taken away to totally new worlds!

Click Here to learn more about our Holographic Aquarium adventure where you will go underwater and spend time with all sorts of sea life!
This really is a fun place for family outings and even your next Birthday Party or Corporate Event too!

Click Here to learn more about our birthday parties and corporate events

Watch the video above to learn more!

Have your next birthday party at holoverse family entertainment centre

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Lots of our customers have left wonderful reviews on our Facebook page. We are glad that they have had such a great time and we are always trying to find more ways to make your experience at our Family Entertainment Centre better!

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